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How do Bluetooth headsets make motorcycling less safe?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you ride a motorcycle, you may have struggled for years missing important calls while on the road. In addition, when you wanted to make a call, you needed to pull over, remove your helmet, remove your gloves and pull out your phone, which cost a lot of time.

Bluetooth helmets were created to overcome these issues. Now you can keep riding and answer or make calls as you go. Or that at least was the theory. The problem is they are not as great an idea as you might think as they make it more likely you have a crash and end up in the hospital or lose your life.

What is the problem with them?

Every road user needs to be attentive to what is going on around them. As one of the most vulnerable road users, you need to be extra careful for reasons of self-preservation. These helmets could:

  • Prevent you from hearing things: It can be hard enough to hear due to the helmet and exhaust noise. Yet, it will be even more difficult when you are playing sounds or speech via your helmet.
  • Take your mind away from the road: It is impossible to not think about the person you are talking to or the subject you are talking to them about. Yet you need to keep your full attention on the road.

If you were riding on a private stretch of tarmac without other vehicles, then not hearing or being distracted would be less of an issue. However, you need to be alert when you are on the streets because so many drivers are not and could harm you through their negligence.

Bluetooth helmet or not, if a driver injures you in a motorcycle collision, you will need help to get the compensation you need.