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2 ways nurses get injured on the job

On Behalf of | May 31, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Did you know that nurses actually have one of the highest workplace injury rates out of all professions? People sometimes don’t think of working in a hospital as being particularly dangerous. But the stats show that nurses do get injured quite frequently and there are many hazards to this job.

While every case is unique, below are two ways that these injuries could happen. Nurses who have been hurt on the job need to know what steps to take next.

1. Violence from patients

For one thing, there’s been an unfortunate trend recently of violence against nurses. Many nurses face physical violence from their own patients, or from guests and family members who are visiting those patients. These types of events are sometimes unexpected, but some patients may also have a track record of violent encounters – even though they still need medical care. This can be a very precarious situation for a nurse who is trying to stay safe while also offering that care.

2. Injuries while lifting

Another area to focus on is that many nurses suffer back injuries or spinal cord injuries. These often happen when the nurses are helping to lift patients. For example, a nurse may need to lift a patient in or out of bed, or they may need to help pick someone up when they have fallen down. The best way to avoid injury is to work as a team with other nurses, but staffing issues mean this isn’t always possible.

Injured nurses may be eligible for workers’ comp benefits. These can help to cover lost wages, medical bills and more.