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What Happens After An Accident?

The minutes, hours and days immediately after an accident can be highly complex. However, you may want to consider a number of steps after being involved and injured in an accident. The actions you take following the accident are key to protecting your health and welfare—and might also determine how much compensation you will get for your injuries, pain and suffering.

Next Steps To Protect Your Health And Welfare

At AlpernSchubert, P.C. in Pittsburgh, we strongly recommend considering the following actions after you’re involved in a motor vehicle accident:

  • Drivers and passengers should exit the vehicle if they can do so safely and get off the road. Motorists can check on their passengers or others involved in the accident, if possible.
  • A driver should not apologize for the accident or reveal any information. Other drivers or passengers might misinterpret what is said. Additionally, a police officer might hear this apology and assume that the driver caused the accident.
  • Insurance information needs to be shared with other drivers so that everyone is aware of who was present at the accident.
  • Police officers do not complete a full investigation of every crash. Generally, they fill out a chart showing how the accident scene looked, take statements and determine who caused the accident very quickly.
  • If drivers or passengers are able, they should take pictures of the accident scene because the vehicles and debris will be removed from the scene soon after.
  • If an eyewitness comes forward to help, they should be asked for their contact information. Eyewitnesses can also speak to the family’s lawyer.
  • Someone should call 911 so that anyone on the scene can receive medical attention. Although some drivers and passengers may believe they are not injured, they need to be checked out by a doctor first.
  • Severe pain and additional symptoms brought on by injuries may manifest later. Victims can ask a car accident lawyer for assistance with any claims related to the accident.

A lawyer can dispute the findings in the police report, interview eyewitnesses/collect evidence from the scene to maximize your compensation or seek justice. We serve injury victims from western Pennsylvania, which includes Allegheny County, Lawrence County and Washington County.

Tell Us What Happened

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