Workers’ Compensation

After an injury at work, you may have many questions about what happens next. At the law office of AlpernSchubert P.C., our Workers’ Compensation lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to guide you during this uncertain time.

Attorneys at AlpernSchubert have over 75 years of combined experience with Workers’ Compensation cases and in assisting injury victims in Pittsburgh, PA. Our team includes a Certified Workers’ Compensation Law Specialist. You can feel confident that your Workers’ Compensation lawyer will offer the expert legal representation your case deserves.

Receiving your Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Your Workers’ Compensation benefits will provide a source of income while helping to pay for medical bills resulting from your injuries. This compensation is a “guaranteed limited coverage” that is offered in exchange for the employee agreeing not to pursue legal damages.

We will explain your legal rights and options so that you can have the best outcome in your Workers’ Compensation case.

Our Workers’ Compensation Services Include:

  • Construction Accidents – Electrical, crane, forklift, and scaffolding accidents, and other related injuries


  • Factory / Warehouse Accidents – Trips or slips, defective equipment accidents, heavy machinery accidents, forklift accidents, conveyor belt accidents, injuries caused by improper or faulty protective gear, heavy lifting injuries, and more


  • Fatal Work Accidents – Common causes of workplace fatalities include falls from heights, vehicle accidents, electrocutions, being hit by falling or moving objects, non-road vehicle rollover, being trapped by moving machinery, and workplace violence


  • Industrial Accidents – Repetitive strain injuries, chemical exposure, air embolism, and other related injuries


  • Motor Vehicle Accidents – Commercial truck drivers, delivery drivers, and others in the transportation industry are at high risk of being injured in a work-related motor vehicle accident


  • Occupational Disease – Can include respiratory disorders, such as occupational asthma or pneumoconiosis; neurologic disorders, such as peripheral polyneuropathy; cancer, including mesothelioma; heart disease; and stress-related illnesses


  • Office Injuries – May include injuries from lifting heavy objects, injuries from flying or stationary objects, and musculoskeletal disorders, such as carpal tunnel syndrome


  • Slips, Trips & Falls – May be due to poor lighting, uneven floor surfaces, poor housekeeping, faulty training cables, inadequate floor coverings, wet floors, changes in levels, faulty scaffolding, more


  • Toxic Exposure – Depending on the workplace, workers can be exposed to dangerous toxins such as arsenic, asbestos, benzene, ammonia, chloroform, zinc, lead, iodine, mercury, formaldehyde, silica, uranium, and more

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Contact the law office of AlpernSchubert P.C. to schedule a consultation by calling us at 412-765-1888 or toll-free at 800-243-6095 or you may contact us online. We provide free case evaluations and we will represent your case on a contingency basis, so no upfront fees are needed. Give our Pittsburgh Workers’ Compensation lawyers a call today for effective legal representation in your work injury case.


At AlpernSchubert We Represent Individuals in

Personal Injury and Workers' Compensation Cases

Moving on after an injury, whether it came from another’s negligence or a workplace accident, is a daunting task. Indifferent insurance companies seldom offer any consolation, and growing medical bills and time spent out of work can seriously impact the lives of you and your loved ones.

Pittsburgh's heritage is in its people. When an individual suffers a workplace injury or illness, or an injury due to the negligence of another, it can compromise their livelihood. Know that our attorneys can work to secure the compensation you and your family need.

The attorneys at AlpernSchubert P.C. can be the compassionate advocates you need after suffering a personal injury or work injury. Based in Pittsburgh, we serve clients throughout Western Pennsylvania, including Washington, New Castle, and all of Allegheny County, Washington County, and Lawrence County.

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A Message to Our Customers About Coronavirus COVID-19:

A Message to Our Clients About Coronavirus COVID-19:

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The situation regarding the COVID-19 virus is continually changing, and we are following all recommended guidelines to stay healthy. As a result, our lawyers and staff are working remotely in accordance with the CDC's recommendations. We continue to work for all of our clients and are happy to arrange for phone or email consultations. We are also able to exchange documents via secure drives or email.

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