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Guiding Our Clients Through The Workers’ Compensation Process

As a worker covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance, you can rightfully expect to be entitled to medical and other benefits after a workplace injury. You do not have to prove that your employer did anything wrong to collect workers’ compensation. However, you must notify your employer in a timely manner and follow the necessary processes to maximize your compensation. If you or a loved one has suffered an on-the-job injury, we highly encourage you to obtain the guidance of an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer.

With more than 100 combined years of experience, our attorneys at AlpernSchubert, P.C., in Pittsburgh, will offer an honest evaluation of your situation at no charge. We will help you determine whether you are a candidate for workers’ compensation. We will also guide you through the entire process and build a file confirming your medical condition.

How Our Attorneys Can Support You In Your Claim

In general, workers are eligible for workers’ comp benefits from their first day of employment. In most cases, an injured worker can arrange to have medical care provided and paid for through an employer’s workers’ compensation insurer without delay. Other workers’ comp benefits may include wage-loss benefits and specific loss benefits to cover the permanent loss of the use of a body part or serious disfigurement.

If delays or complications arise as a worker seeks benefits they are eligible for, a knowledgeable lawyer may expedite the process. At AlpernSchubert, P.C., our lawyers will assist you in:

  • Establishing that your injuries occurred in the course of your employment
  • Meeting all the relevant deadlines and communicating as needed with the workers’ compensation insurer
  • Gathering the required documents to request a hearing in an attempt to resolve a dispute with a workers’ compensation insurer
  • Filing a petition with the Workers’ Compensation Office of Adjudication, a division of the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry, in case of an unresolved dispute

Our team of attorneys will thoroughly explain your rights. We have helped many injured workers obtain the compensation and benefits they deserve.

Call Today To Discuss Your Application

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