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Are There Options For Special Payments?

Specific-loss payments are available through Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation laws to help workers who have experienced amputations, loss of senses, scarring or disfigurement. Although the state has created a chart to explain all these specific losses, the calculations are relatively simple.

Each specific loss will use the percentage of the workers’ pay that they would receive every week. That figure is multiplied by the number of weeks assigned to the injury.

For example, someone who has lost an eye will receive 275 times their weekly wage as calculated under workers’ compensation rules. These payments are offered to help injured workers move forward when there is only so much rehabilitation they can do after such an injury or accident.

Negotiating A Lump-Sum Settlement

A lump-sum settlement can be reached when an injured employee believes that waiting for weekly payments will not help them financially. They can hire a workers’ compensation lawyer to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company.

This process between the insurance company and the worker is known as a compromise and release. This document states that the insurance company will make a lump-sum payment, and the employee agrees to bring no further legal action in the case. Injured employees can accept a lump-sum settlement, or take a structured settlement that includes larger monthly payments over a shorter period. In this regard, a lawyer can determine which settlement is better for the situation.

Once the two sides have agreed on a settlement, a workers’ compensation judge must approve the settlement. The employee will receive their payment under the contract, and all other litigation in the case will cease.

Our Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Are Ready To Assist You

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