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How Can I Report A Workplace Injury?

Injuries in the workplace should be reported to an immediate supervisor as soon as possible. The supervisor is responsible for completing the report and following up with the department that files insurance claims.

At this point, the employee can visit an approved doctor for treatment. The insurance company will cover all required treatment, but there are rules that govern how the treatment is provided.

Important Considerations After Being Injured On The Job

Injury reports start the compensation process for employees, as they must be out of work for seven days before benefits begin. It is important to report these accidents as soon as possible.

Someone who has missed 14 days of work will receive benefits retroactive to the date of their injury. The employee has 21 days to report the injury to receive benefits retroactive to the date of their accident. In addition, the employee has 120 days to report an injury to receive any wage loss benefits and medical compensation.

If the report is not processed or the employee believes they cannot file a report, they should reach out to a workers’ compensation lawyer for assistance. Workers should try to document who took their report, when the report was filed, and use medical records to show when they first received treatment. The information that’s collected can be key to fighting for fair compensation and protecting your rights.

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