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What If A Loved One Dies Because Of Their Work-Related Injuries?

Workers’ compensation laws in Pennsylvania provide death benefits. When a worker dies while on the job or due to injuries suffered on the job, remaining family members receive a benefit of $7,000 for burial and final expenses.

Spouses are paid 51% of the deceased worker’s wages. A spouse with one child is paid 60% of the worker’s wages, and a spouse with two or more children receives about 67% of the worker’s wages. The children are counted toward these benefits until they turn 18. If the child is enrolled in college, they remain part of the death benefits package until they turn 23.

In addition to the spouse and children, dependent parents or siblings may also receive death benefits. Partially dependent parents are eligible for 32% of the worker’s wages, while totally dependent parents receive 52%. Partially dependent siblings receive 22% of the worker’s wages, and totally dependent siblings receive 32%.

A Lawyer’s Advice And Advocacy Can Be Helpful

If death benefits have been disallowed or have not been paid properly, families should contact a workers’ compensation lawyer. In some cases, the lawyer may need to prove that a dependent should be covered under workers’ compensation death benefits.

The families of deceased workers may also need a lawyer’s help when they do not know how their loved one should be covered under workers’ compensation laws. For example, if a civilian defense contractor dies overseas the family may need help learning how to recover damages under the Defense Base Act, as the employer may be difficult to contact.

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