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Why Do Injured Workers Need A Lawyer?

Injured workers need a lawyer because they can be sure that their employer and the employer’s insurance carrier have lawyers. These lawyers are meant to reduce the monetary losses of either the company or the insurance provider.

Injured workers may find themselves talking to insurance company lawyers, third-party advocates and others who may try to settle as quickly as possible for the lowest amount possible. None of these people have the injured worker’s best interests in mind. A workers’ compensation lawyer, however, can assist the injured worker when they believe they cannot file an insurance claim or report their injuries on their own.

Our Workers’ Comp Lawyers Will Tell You The Truth

Some businesses are explicit in their desire to avoid all accident reports. Some workers might have been told they are not eligible, or the supervisor who took the report tried to assign blame outside of standing Pennsylvania workers’ compensation rules.

Workers who have issues with the insurance company might have been subjected to unnecessary medical examinations, or they might have been given an examination by a biased doctor. Moreover, the insurance company might harass the worker, try to trick them into taking a small settlement or send letters to the victim to sign that act as de facto settlements.

A third-party lawsuit may also be available to sue the manufacturer of a faulty tool, part, or vehicle. Victims should allow the lawyer to review the case and determine who is liable for the accident even if workers’ compensation has been paid.

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