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Areas We Serve

At AlpernSchubert, our attorneys represent individuals in personal injury, employment law and Workers’ Compensation cases throughout Western Pennsylvania. We are compassionate advocates who aggressively fight for justice and the rightful compensation that our clients deserve.

Our mission is to provide the most thorough legal representation while combining the integrity and excellence that we are known for throughout Pittsburgh and the Greater Western Pennsylvania area. We have more than 70 years of combined experience, and our many accolades from high-profile, respected publications demonstrate how seriously we take our clients’ cases and how dedicated we are in getting the results they need to move forward.

We serve clients throughout Western Pennsylvania, including those in:

  • Allegheny County
  • Lawrence County
  • New Castle
  • Pittsburgh
  • Washington
  • Washington County

Handling a Broad Range of Legal Issues

Personal Injury – When one or more individuals have suffered harm due to the negligence, recklessness, or willful intent of another, we fight back. We handle all types of personal injury cases, including those stemming from motor vehicle accidents, defective products, work accidents, and medical malpractice matters.

Arbitration and Mediation – We always strive to resolve our clients legal issues in a way that achieves the best possible outcome in the shortest time and at minimal expense. However, when litigation is necessary, we are prepared to aggressively protect our clients’ rights.

Bad Faith Insurance – It is not uncommon for insurance companies to turn down a valid claim or offer less coverage than what was promised. When this is the case, we have the knowledge and the resources to make things right.

Employment Litigation – We handle all types of employment-related disputes, including those involving sexual harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination.

Workers’ Compensation – Nearly all employees in Pennsylvania are covered under the Workers’ Compensation Act. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for claims to be denied. We help Pennsylvania workers obtain the benefits they need and deserve for their injuries.

Long-Term and Short-Term Disability – Employees who have paid into a disability insurance program, either on their own or through their employer, expect that money will be available to them if they get sick or injured and are unable to work. We advocate for those who have been denied the benefits to which they are entitled.

Experienced Representation is Key

Having a lawyer with the skills and experience necessary to secure a positive outcome allows you to focus on your recovery without worrying about your future. At AlpernSchubert P.C., we take the time to talk with our clients and understand their goals. We examine each detail of the claim to determine the best legal strategy. When needed, we enlist the help of independent experts in the areas of financial accounting, accident reconstruction, career counseling and more. Expert testimony can give weight to your case and help to ensure the best possible outcome. We understand how challenging the aftermath of an accident may be for our clients and their families. We strive to resolve issues as quickly as possible while reducing stress for our clients.

With our record of success in recovering Workers’ Compensation benefits for injured employees and securing an optimal outcomes for those injured in accidents due to negligence, rest assured that you are in the right hands. We will ensure that your rights are protected, and we will either settle out of court or go to trial without hesitation no matter how intricate or demanding the case.

To schedule a free consultation with one of our qualified Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers, call us today at 412-765-1888 or contact us online. We proudly represent clients throughout Pennsylvania, including the areas of Allegheny County, Lawrence County, and Washington County.

At AlpernSchubert We Represent Individuals in

Personal Injury and Workers' Compensation Cases

Moving on after an injury, whether it came from another’s negligence or a workplace accident, is a daunting task. Indifferent insurance companies seldom offer any consolation, and growing medical bills and time spent out of work can seriously impact the lives of you and your loved ones.

Pittsburgh's heritage is in its people. When an individual suffers a workplace injury or illness, or an injury due to the negligence of another, it can compromise their livelihood. Know that our attorneys can work to secure the compensation you and your family need.

The attorneys at AlpernSchubert P.C. can be the compassionate advocates you need after suffering a personal injury or work injury. Based in Pittsburgh, we serve clients throughout Western Pennsylvania, including Washington, New Castle, and all of Allegheny County, Washington County, and Lawrence County.

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