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Skilled Legal Representation For Defective Product And Product Liability Claims

AlpernSchubert, P.C., provides representation for product liability cases in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas. Product liability law is in place to ensure that distributors, manufacturers, retailers, suppliers and others who make products for consumer use and sale to the public are held responsible for injuries that are sustained as a result of using the products.

Even if a consumer uses the products incorrectly, they may still have a valid claim. This typically occurs when the incorrect usage was foreseeable by the manufacturer of the product or by any other party that is a part of the supply chain.

Claims for product liability are most often based on strict liability, not negligence. With the strict liability theory, manufacturers can be held liable whether they act negligently or not.

The theory allows for recovery for injured consumers who would probably have a difficult time in proving whether a manufacturer is guilty of any wrongdoing with regard to their product design or the manufacturing of their product.

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Our Defective Products Services Include:

  • Breach of warranty
  • Strict liability
  • Consumer protection claims
  • Negligence

Product Liability Claims Include:

  • Injuries caused by manufacturing defects
  • Injuries caused by design defects
  • Injuries caused by a failure to warn

We Provide Experienced Legal Representation Throughout Western Pennsylvania

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