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2 reasons a broken bone could make you miss work

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The incredible force involved in a motor vehicle collision can cause a whole host of serious injuries. People can hurt their heads or damage their spinal cords. Broken bones are also very common.

When compared with other potential injuries, a broken bone may not seem that serious. However, broken bones or fractures can lead to thousands of dollars in medical expenses and also lost wages. People sometimes settle an insurance claim after breaking a bone without negotiating for enough coverage to pay for all their losses.

If you can’t work because of an injury, the overall costs that you incur because of a crash will begin to accumulate rapidly. What are some of the reasons that a broken bone might prevent someone from doing their job?

Your fracture requires surgery

There are many circumstances in which a broken bone might require an operation. A compound fracture where the bone is the skin will require surgical cleaning. A communited or spiral fracture will require orthopedic surgery to set and reinforce the bone.

Such fractures often require an extended leave of absence from work as you will require hospitalization after surgery and extensive rehabilitation support. Workers may also struggle to continue doing certain kinds of work even after recovering from a serious fracture.

You work in a physical profession

Some people are lucky enough to work in a retail environment or in a large factory where it is possible for them to change their job responsibilities while injured. Their employer can change their work to eliminate any physical tasks that would affect their recovery.

Not everyone is so fortunate, and so many people may be unable to return to work until the doctor confirms that the bone has fully knit and they have completed the appropriate regimen of physical therapy. That could mean eight weeks or more off of work with a cast and possibly another few regaining strength and range of motion so that someone can safely work.

There is absolutely a possibility that the cost of your medical treatment combined with your lost wages will be more than what insurance will pay. Being realistic about the impact of your crash-related injuries will help you minimize your personal consequences after a collision.