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Risk of Electric Shock Around Swimming Pools

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2018 | Firm News

Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers advise on how to avoid electric shock around swimming pools.

Millions of Americans spend the long days of summer swimming in their backyard or community swimming pool. However, there is a hidden danger in the water of which many people are unaware. Electric shock in water is virtually undetectable by swimmers, and it can be deadly.

Common electrical devices like sump pumps, power washers, radios, and TV’s can fall or accidentally be pulled into pools. Improperly wired in-pool lighting could pose a serious threat. The risk of electrified water is even greater when nearby circuits and receptacles are not protected by Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupters (GFCI). These special outlets are designed to cut off power when the current is interrupted by being dropped into or otherwise doused with water.

Electric Shock Drowning

Any time an electrical device with broken or faulty wiring is near a fresh body of water, that equipment can potentially energize the water. When a person comes in contact with an energized body of water, they may experience anything from mild tingling to paralysis and cardiac arrest, depending upon the level of the current.

People exposed to high levels of electric current in the water are not only in danger of death by electrocution due to cardiac arrest, but also of drowning. This is why it is imperative to keep electrical devices of any sort near a pool well maintained.

Preventing Swimming Pool Injuries Due to Electricity

There are steps you can take to prevent these life-threatening hazards in and around the backyard pool or out at the lake. When you want to electrify any structure near a pool or lake, it is important to:

Enlist an expert: Hire a certified electrician. Your regular pool technician may not be adequately trained to install and maintain devices that use a current, let alone detect and prevent electric shock injuries. Always consult an electrician.

Schedule routine inspections: Your certified electrician should also do a comprehensive inspection of all electrical devices near the pool. Pool lights, pumps, and other components can result in electric shock when they are not properly installed, repaired, or maintained.

Check for damage: When it comes to residential and public swimming pools, owners and operators need to check for wear and tear on the bonding of the pool, and for fraying or damage to electrical devices or wires.

You must stay on the side of safety where electricity is concerned. Assume there is an electrical current in the water if nearby electrical components appear to be cracked or broken. Make a quick visual inspection part of your daily pool maintenance to-do list. If someone is injured using your pool facilities, they could have a premises liability claim against you due to negligence.

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