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How a multi-hour test can help with a disability benefits claim

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2024 | Long-Term Disability (LTD), Short-Term Disability

People sometimes invest in long-term or short-term disability insurance. Some people acquire coverage on their own for personal protection, while others obtain coverage through their employment. Their coverage can help them pay their cost-of-living expenses when they become unable to work due to medical challenges.

When people need long-term or short-term disability coverage, they may expect an insurance company to be supportive and cooperative. However, many people face surprising challenges when seeking coverage that they or their employers previously purchased. Ultimately, those facing or anticipating challenges when requesting disability benefits may want to undergo in-depth testing to help their claim.

Medical records can strongly affect claim outcome

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when seeking disability benefits is the failure to submit appropriate documentation to the insurance company. Paperwork declaring a specific diagnosis or a printed hospital report about someone’s hospitalization with an injury typically does not meet the standard to help someone qualify for benefits.

Workers need to prove that they cannot return to their jobs and therefore require insurance coverage. Undergoing a functional capacity evaluation or similar in-depth medical testing is one way to establish the exact impact someone’s condition may have on their health. The process involves multiple hours of testing to rule out fraud and validate the extent of the impact that someone’s condition has on their work ability.

Test results can help strengthen a claim and may also benefit those preparing for an appeal. Gathering adequate medical documentation is a crucial component of a successful disability benefits claim. Those who undergo the right types of testing may be in the best position possible to get the benefits they require and deserve.