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As Of September 1, 2022

Resolved bad faith / coverage cases:

  • Represented homeowner with property damage claim. Insurer had paid approximately 50% of claim at the time counsel was retained. Counsel forced the insurer to pay 100% of the claim and attorney’s fees after commencing litigation.
  • Represented an insured whose gap loss coverage was denied leaving client with over $6,000.00 in loss. Forced insurer to pay 100% of claim and attorney’s fees. Also forced the withdrawal of lawsuit by creditor for failure to pay.
  • Represented insured in dispute on homeowner’s claim. Insurer agreed to pay just over $2,000.00 on a claim of $13,000.00. Counsel forced insurer to pay the remainder of the claim plus attorney’s fees.
  • Homeowner’s claim for water damage $26,000.00 accepted by insurance company, approximately $50,000.00 denied. Counsel forced insurer to accept remainder of unpaid charges.
  • Represented insured who after a plumbing claim was accepted by insurance company subsequent damage done by contractor was denied. The entirely of approximately $70,000.00 in damages had been denied by insurer. Counsel forced insurer to accept the remainder of the claim.
  • Represented insured on homeowner’s claim after vehicle damaged home. Forced insurer who had originally only agreed to pay $5,000.00 to pay remaining $9,000.00 of damage claim. Then forced homeowner insurer to pay attorney’s fees for having to file suit against motor vehicle operator.

Ongoing bad faith / coverage cases:

  • Representing insurer for vandalism / theft claim on motor vehicle where insurer has denied and alleged fraud. Currently in federal court.
  • Representing an insured against health insurer for denying medical treatment coverage for their minor son.
  • Representing an insured for a homeowner’s claim of which over $100,000.00 paid but over $70,000.00 denied. Ongoing in Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas.
  • Representing homeowner for water claim in basement where insurer has denied entirety of claim. Case ongoing in state court.
  • Representing insured for fire loss claim. Insurer denied entirety of claim alleging home was not primary residence.
  • Representing insured on disability claim for denial of benefits based on misstatements in application.
  • Representing insured on homeowner’s claim where insurer has paid approximately $40,000.00 and denied the remaining $35,000.00 on the grounds of disputes on valuation of repairs and unwillingness to cover plumbing system contrary to definitions in policy.
  • Representing garage owner for denial of two claims by insurer and possible negligence by agent.
  • Representation of homeowner for property damage claim on homeowner’s policy. Potential bad faith due to agent admitting all elements necessary to cover loss and refusing to do so in the amount paying only $2,000.00 on a $13,000.00 loss.
  • Representation of insured on fire loss claim of home. Claim currently being investigated.
  • Representation of insured on fire loss claim where insurer took almost a full two years to provide payments for contents, shipped contents over two hours away from insured for inspection and storage. Also filed suit against company retained by insurer to catalog and value contents on possible theft.
  • Representation of insured on homeowner’s claim where damage to roof was admitted by adjuster and not paid on the grounds that no structural damage occurred despite clear policy language that any damage caused by direct loss is compensable.
  • Representation of insured on homeowner’s claim for fire loss where coverage denied due to possible arson. Insurance company has never provided any evidence indicating that insured had any involvement or was involved in recruiting/having someone set the fire.
  • Representation of insured on homeowner’s claim for fire loss. Denied on suspicion of arson. Insurer has never provided any evidence that the plaintiff set the fire or took any actions to have someone set the fire. Insurer also has not disputed that there is evidence that plaintiff was miles away from home at the time of the fire. Case currently pending in federal court.