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How A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You Protect Your Rights

After suffering an injury caused by the negligence of another, you or a loved one may struggle with all that needs to be done, including speaking with the authorities and insurance company representatives. You also have to manage your physical recovery, unexpected expenses and a reduced capacity to work. In addition, you have paperwork to do, which, if filled out incorrectly, may delay the compensation you need to pay your bills.

At AlpernSchubert, P.C., we understand the pressing needs and stressful situations an injury victim can face. Our Pittsburgh lawyers have more than 100 years of combined experience helping clients seek maximum compensation for their pain and suffering. With our attorneys on your side, you can rest assured you have a skilled team working in your favor.

We Stand Ready To Assert Your Rights

Our personal injury lawyers are seasoned and skilled negotiators who will make every reasonable effort to represent your best interests. When you have us in your corner, we will:

  • Thoroughly analyze the facts, evidence and information available after your accident
  • Advise you through your insurance claim and help you fill out the claim forms
  • Explain and defend your rights as an injury victim, and fight to maximize your compensation when necessary
  • Negotiate on your behalf and represent you before insurance representatives and authorities when required
  • Determine whether a third party’s negligent acts or omissions caused your accident
  • Make a solid case to ask for compensation from the liable third party

After an injury, having sound legal counsel can make a difference. Protect your rights with our knowledgeable and professional attorneys.

Call For A No-Cost Case Evaluation

We are proud to assist clients from western Pennsylvania. Call our Pittsburgh office at 412-506-9561 or fill out this intake form to schedule an appointment. Our firm is fully dedicated to your personal injury case.