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Are Certain Workers Not Covered By Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

It may seem hard to believe, but certain types of workers are not covered under Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation laws. But there can be alternatives available to workers who are injured in these industries.

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What Category Of Workers Are Not Covered?

Workers not typically covered under state workers’ compensation insurance include the following individuals:

  • Independent contractors
  • Housekeepers and domestic workers
  • Agricultural workers
  • Railroad workers
  • Sailors
  • Longshoremen and harbor workers
  • Defense contractors

Independent contractors are not covered under workers’ compensation because they do not have a traditional employer/employee relationship with the business.

Housekeepers and domestic employees are optional. Because domestic workers are optional for workers’ compensation, they should be informed of their rights when they are hired.

Agricultural workers do not need to be covered because of the Farm Labor Exemption if they work less than 30 days a year or make less than $1,200 a year. Not all farms qualify for this exemption, and injured workers should consult with a lawyer to review how they may be covered.

Those covered under related federal laws such as railroad workers, sailors, longshoremen, harbor workers and defense contractors receive benefits under federal statutes that supersede anything at the state level. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can explain how these injuries are covered and advise what course of action to take if the victim is exempt.

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