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Parents, prepare teens for a safer prom experience

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2024 | Personal Injury

Allegheny County teens are gearing up for prom and graduation season. But parents of those teens are no strangers to the heightened sense of worry when their sons and daughters are out celebrating their big nights.

Parents are right to worry, as the statistics show that the months from April through June are particularly deadly for young and inexperienced drivers. But what can concerned parents do? Below are some suggestions.

Network with other parents

Many parents remember the ruse from their own teen years, where Suzy tells Mom and Dad she’s staying at Shelley’s, and vice versa. But well-connected parents can make sure that kids are where they are supposed to be on prom night.

Splurge on a limo and a driver

There won’t be any drinking and driving when a group of teens or parents go in together on a limousine for the big night. And underage drinking is forbidden as well.

Supervise those after-parties

Sometimes parents can get local businesses to agree to donate nice prizes which winners must be present to collect. Failing that, parents can cook hearty breakfasts for prom-goers to enjoy before catching some shuteye before getting back on the road.

Support your teen with a code word

Your child should never feel they can’t escape a bad situation. Choose a code word that can be easily worked into a conversation that alerts parents your child feels unsafe or is experiencing peer pressure. You can then go pick them up or order Lyft or Uber.

If your child is injured in an accident

Even responsible teens can get hurt in accidents caused by other at-fault drivers. Make sure that you help them get the medical and legal help they need to recover from their injuries, damages and other losses.