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Not all motorcycle accidents result in death

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When you think of motorcycle accidents, you might be tempted to narrow your thought toward fatalities. That wouldn’t be surprising, given that motorcycle accidents have an increased risk of death simply by design.

However, not all motorcycle accidents lead to death. Eighty-two thousand riders were injured in 2018. Wearing protective gear can help minimize injuries, but only if it’s the right gear. Injuries sustained from a motorcycle crash can be significant and have lasting consequences. 

How your gear protects you

A helmet is inarguably the most essential piece of protective equipment regarding motorcycle safety. Your helmet protects your head and neck from injury. You can live without a leg, but you can’t survive without your head.

Wearing a helmet isn’t enough, though. Your helmet must fit you properly and be secured with a strap. Other things to consider include coverage. Some helmets offer more protection than others. Still, other types of gear to consider include:

  • Gloves: Full coverage, leather riding gloves protect from debris injury during riding and protect your hands during a crash. 
  • Shoes: Whether you prefer riding boots or shoes is a matter of opinion. Whatever you choose, your footwear should be made of sturdy material like leather and cover your ankles. Tennis shoes can come off during a crash slide and increase the significant risk to your foot.
  • Outerwear: Both pants and shirts should be full-length and have sturdy materials such as denim. A motorcycle jacket with body armor would be ideal, but your clothes should leave no exposed skin at a minimum.

All accidents can cause injury, but the design of a motorcycle leaves riders particularly vulnerable to life-altering injuries. Wearing the right gear can help minimize those risks. Learning about personal injury laws after a motorcycle accident can help protect your rights.