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7 drivers with high accident rates

On Behalf of | May 5, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

There are millions of drivers and many of them are likely to cause auto accidents for simple reasons. In fact, human error is at the heart of most accidents.

To understand what kind of drivers cause auto accidents, you should read the following:

1. Drunk drivers

Alcohol impairs drivers’ senses. Drunk drivers may have lowered vision, impaired reaction time and poor muscle control. Many drunk driving accidents happen at night and around bars.

2. Drowsy drivers

Drowsy driving may be just as bad as drunk driving. Drivers who are tired may fall asleep at the wheel and lose control of their vehicles. Drivers are likely to feel exhausted after leaving work or on long road trips.

3. Distracted drivers

Distracted driving happens whenever a driver looks away from the road, takes their hands off the wheel or thinks about anything other than driving. Most distracted driving accidents happen because of phones.

4. Elderly drivers

As drivers get older, they may experience medical conditions that make it harder to safely drive. Elderly drivers may suffer from vision issues and arthritis, which can make their driving unsafe.

5. Student drivers

Many drivers are learning to operate vehicles for the first time. Without experience driving, people may be more likely to cause accidents. Student drivers may experience anxiety on the road and cause an accident. 

6. Aggressive drivers

Some drivers can easily fly into a fit of rage. An aggressive driver may put other drivers in uncomfortable positions. These unsafe drivers could tailgate or brake-check drivers and cause accidents.

7. Speeding drivers

Speeding is inherently dangerous. Drivers have less control the faster their vehicle goes. If a speeding driver suddenly has to stop, they may not have enough time or control to do so and end up causing an accident.

If you’re in an accident and experiencing medical conditions and vehicle damages, you may need to learn what option you have to seek compensation.