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Social Media and Your Disability Claims

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2020 | Firm News

If you are depending on disability insurance payments, you should pay close attention to your online image and what your social media posts might convey to insurance company investigators. Be careful what you post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other online platforms, as insurance investigators routinely comb these sites looking for proof that you are lying to unjustifiably continue collecting benefits you do not deserve.

Social Media Traps

In today’s social media environment, everyone wants to show off their happy moments, their impressive credentials, and their exciting pursuits. Everyone wants to make a good impression on their friends and followers, even when the online facade is embellished, overstated, or even wholly inaccurate. Many users post only the most flattering photos and interesting details of their lives. People putting on this type of show never post about their aches and pains, their trouble facing the day, or their feelings of worthlessness. Disability insurance companies can and will use this tendency against you.

Investigative Techniques

Insurance investigators have been in practice as long as the insurance companies themselves. They have many tactics to scrutinize a policy holder for possible fraud, including photo or video surveillance and search of public records. The newest tool they employ is to perform a quick internet search to pull up your social profile.

Investigators search through photos that might show a mountain climber who claim he is unable to walk, only to skim past the date stamp that proves the photo was taken before his accident. They may consider the smiling photo of a woman with her children as proof that she is gaming the system for depression-related benefits instead of seeing that she is struggling to keep up appearances. They may see a friend’s comment that contradicts what they were told by the claimant or an old employment profile they believe is an effort to pursue work, despite a disabled employment status.

What to Do

If you are receiving disability benefits, review your social media profiles and scour them for any misleading or contradictory evidence that the insurance companies may want to use against you. Be sure your profile settings are private, and do not accept friend requests from strangers.

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