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Why Do the Holidays Increase My Chances of Having a Car Accident?

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2020 | Firm News

With the flurry of seasonal activities and dwindling deadlines, people tend to feel the pressure of the holidays and focus less on safe driving. Winter weather often plays a role in car accidents when the temperatures drop. Holiday gatherings with alcoholic drinks and winter travel further contributes to the increase of car accidents.

When all of the elements of the holiday season collide, danger on the roadways can result. Everyone knows the most important part of the holidays is being together. It is worth taking a step back from the stress of the holidays and refocus on safety. Below are some of the most common dangers that contribute to car accidents during the holiday season and how to prevent them.

Distracted Driving

The stressful demands and mental distractions of the holidays can cause drivers to make driving mistakes, such as not looking before reversing or colliding with another vehicle in a parking lot. Holiday shopping can tempt drivers to multi-task, but motorists should remember that checking their shopping list while behind the wheel can be deadly. Make sure to completely focus on driving while behind the wheel.

Holiday Traffic

With more people on the roads because of holiday shopping and travel, the resulting traffic jams can create frustration and stress for drivers. A motorist should take a breath and recognize that driving carefully and courteously is the best way to ensure that they reach their destination safely. It can also be helpful to check one’s route ahead of time to see if there are any delays.


The demands of the season can be overwhelming. Staying up late at night doing holiday baking or online purchases can take a toll on a driver. Drowsy driving frequently causes car accidents, especially during the winter months. When drivers overstress and do not sleep well, they must take sufficient time to recharge before hitting the road. If one feels too tired to drive, they should avoid travel altogether.

Driving in Unfamiliar Areas

Heading to a holiday party on an unfamiliar road can be dangerous. It is important that drivers be mindful of all road signs to be sure they are not driving the wrong way. It can be helpful to plan out the route ahead of time on a navigational device. This will help a driver with directions, traffic, and other obstacles.

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving collisions increase during the winter holidays. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), drunk driving causes approximately 45 deaths every day in December in the United States. When a holiday party ends, it is much better to have a designated driver or to call a rideshare service for a safe ride. It is important to arrange for a ride home ahead of time.

Unpredictable Winter Weather

Rain, extreme cold, snow, and ice create dangerous road conditions. A motorist should take extra time and focus to ensure that they are being as careful as possible when driving in unpredictable weather. Motorists should reduce speeds, slow down and stop in advance, and remain extra mindful of changing traffic lights and stop signs. Highway drivers should be extra vigilant about maintaining safe speeds, and signal appropriately to other drivers.

Vehicle Maintenance

During the winter months, it is extremely dangerous for drivers to break down. The threat of cold temperatures makes breakdowns more likely as well. Many car owners prioritize other seasonal concerns, like gift giving, over car maintenance. However, it is imperative that driver properly maintains their vehicle to ensure safety.

What Should I Do After a Holiday Car Accident?

Drivers this holiday season should be extra careful while traveling. If a car accident does happen, a victim should contact a lawyer right away. A knowledgeable lawyer will help with a personal injury claim. If one has a car accident injury, they may be able to collect compensation for any damages. The at-fault driver may be responsible for the medical costs, lost wages, and other financial losses. For these reasons, it is important to speak to a lawyer as soon as possible after a serious collision.

Pittsburgh Car Accident Lawyers at AlpernSchubert P.C. Help Injured Clients Claim Compensation After Holiday Collisions

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