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Freezing Rain Expected to Create Slick Roads in Pittsburgh

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2021 | Firm News

Freezing rain is expected to cause quite a dangerous situation tonight, January 26, 2021, all the way into the following morning on January 27, 2021. PennDOT is advising people to avoid any unnecessary driving due to the expected freezing conditions and slick roadways. Speed restrictions have been put in places as well as a ban on certain vehicles on the PA Turnpike. The speed has been reduced to 45mph and commercial vehicles must always use the right lane. Winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories are in effect for the Pittsburgh area. This area could also experience power outages and travel issues due to the storm.

This winter storm watch is predicting freezing rain that will form an icy glaze on roadways. Freezing rain can cause extremely dangerous driving conditions and can lead to accidents and injuries. If drivers are not paying close attention to the road conditions and weather, their negligence can cause serious injuries to other drivers. It is important to always be aware of weather conditions before you start to drive and try to stay home if snow and ice is predicted. Slippery roadways are hazardous and should be avoided if possible.

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