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Pennsylvania crashes are a top cause of both kinds of amputations

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Minor car crashes are a regular occurrence in Pennsylvania. Most crashes at lower speeds lead only to property damage. But, for every few dozen fender benders that occur, there is a more serious and concerning collision. Some crashes lead to catastrophic injuries that result in permanent consequences for those injured. Amputations are among the worst possible injuries people experience as a result of a car crash. In fact, motor vehicle collisions are a leading cause of both traumatic and surgical amputations in the United States.

Traumatic amputations occur when the initial bodily injury severs a limb or extremity. Car crashes that occur at fast speeds, that result in someone getting thrown from a vehicle or that occur between vehicles of vastly different sizes could very easily cause traumatic amputations. Such injuries can be immediately life-threatening due to blood loss and can result in massive medical complications because of infection and nerve damage incurred during the injury. The lasting symptoms of such amputations can be particularly challenging due to the uncontrolled environment in which they occur.

Crash injuries may also lead to surgical amputations

Not all amputations occur due to immediate bodily trauma. Some of them are planned medical interventions. Medical complications of conditions like diabetes are the leading cause of surgical amputations, but trauma from car crashes is another top cause. When the damage to the tissue or bone is so extensive that doctors cannot repair it and worry that the injury will diminish someone’s health and quality of life, they may have to amputate due to severe fractures or crushing injuries.

Regardless of what type of amputation someone experiences, they will likely incur massive medical expenses and also personal consequences as a result of their harm. An amputation can result in long-term effects on someone’s career and earning potential and can affect their relationships and/or their ability to live independently.

Additionally, the total financial impact of a crash-related amputation can be much more than what insurance will agree to pay. Pursuing a personal injury lawsuit may be a necessary step for those recovering from an amputation that resulted from a car crash, as doing so can potentially help to cover an injury victim’s costs if their harm was caused by another’s actions or inactions.