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Do slip and falls ever cause serious injuries?

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2023 | Personal Injury

Slip and falls in public locations happen for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes, winter weather hits Pennsylvania hard, and it will be a snowy sidewalk or icy parking lot that causes someone’s injury. Other times, a slip-and-fall accident might occur inside a building or business.

Not having rugs at the entranceway, failing to secure or clean those rugs and leaving spills unattended are all mistakes that could lead to a slip-and-fall at a business. Many slip and falls lead primarily to embarrassment and maybe some mild bruising. However, some people actually develop serious injuries during a slip-and-fall incident. They may end up with hospital bills and even lost income because they must take time away from work to recover.

What major injuries are possible in a same-level fall?

Every year, same-level falls send roughly a million people to emergency room facilities in the United States. Many of those people will have broken bones. Older adults, in particular, are at elevated risk of a fracture when they fall.

When someone falls, they could strike part of their body on nearby furniture or fixtures. They may also try to catch themselves by bracing with one arm. A fracture could easily result from someone trying to slow a sudden fall in a public space. Failing to stop a fall could be equally dangerous. People could develop traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) in a slip-and-fall if their head hits the floor or anything else nearby. Others may develop soft tissue injuries because of how their body tenses during the fall or the trauma they experience when they fall.

Any of these injuries could require medical care and might affect someone’s earning potential. Occasionally, property owners or businesses are responsible for slip-and-fall incidents. If negligent facility maintenance inside or outside caused someone to fall, then the business may have financial and legal liability for the situation.

Business insurance and premises liability coverage could potentially help pay for the losses someone incurs in a public slip-and-fall situation. Sometimes, people may need to take legal action to obtain financial support after a slip-and-fall at a business. Recognizing that an embarrassing fall could have expensive consequences might help someone take the right steps after getting hurt at a business in order to exercise their rights and safeguard their interests. Seeking legal guidance is a good start.